Flower Hotels Use DINE & DISCOVER to aid Flood Relief

Monday, 22 March 2021

Owner of the Flower Hotel Group, Alistair Flower has just released a heartwarming initiative allowing every patron to assist with Flood Relief for the Mid North Coast affected residents.

Last week the NSW government released Dine & Discover vouchers, 4x $25 Vouchers for each adult in NSW. These vouchers were initially created to aid our hospitality & tourism industries with the ongoing effect from Covid-19. Vouchers were to be used for food or entertainment services from Covid-Safe registered businesses.

Alistair Flower encourages patrons to redeem their $25 vouchers at any Flower Hotel venue and in turn the entire $25 will be donated to assist local Flood Relief efforts. 

‘Residents are still stranded in the Port Macquarie North Shore & Telegraph Point, and areas around Beechwood  have been without power for days, not to mention the huge clean up that is to come’ says Flower

‘Dine & Discover was a wonderful initiative from the NSW Government to look after our Industry, but there are people in our community at the moment that need this money more’ 

Any person over the age of 18 living in NSW can apply for the Dine & Discover vouchers by downloading and applying through the Service NSW app, they can be donated at any of the Flower Hotels Venues.

Flower Hotels has 6 venues located on the Mid North Coast, when redeeming to donate your $25 voucher, the entire amount will be passed on to aid Flood Relief.

‘I’ll be shouting a share plate or a drink to those who choose to donate to this very worthy cause’ says Flower, ‘It’s an easy way for the wider community to assist in the rebuilding of our region, we are hoping that other publicans in NSW jump on board and will follow suit

Settlers Inn Hotel
101 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie

Lake Cathie Tavern
1609 Ocean Drive, Lake Cathie

Hastings Hotel
12 High Street Wauchope 

Beechwood Hotel
735 Beechwood Road, Beechwood

Fernhill Tavern
4 Jindalee Road, Port Macquarie

Little Shack
1 Munster Street, Port Macquarie 



For all media enquiries please contact:
Alistair Flower
Manager Director, Flower Hotels
0419 977 871