Chris Whitfield has no problem labelling Tyson Cook as one of the leaders of Port Macquarie’s all-conquering All Abilities futsal team.

Whitfield is one of the best people to judge having been involved with the team since day one when they kicked off three years ago.

National success has followed and it has come as little surprise that Cook was the one leading the way.

“Tyson is a lot wiser than a lot of people give him credit for,” Whitfield said.

“He is very proactive which shows on the court as he is able to read what is happening on the field and can react to it really well.”

Football has already provided many highlights for Cook who was born with Kabuki Syndrome – a rare genetic disorder that affects one in 32,000 people.

The soon-to-be 31-year-old’s love of the world game can be traced back almost a decade when he became one of the fixtures in the Port FC dressing room in 2010.

Father Phil coached the Football Mid North Coast Premier League side for several years and his son would go and watch from the sidelines every weekend.

While some would take that for granted, it was something more than that for him.

“I really enjoyed the feeling of being part of a team and the friendships I have made,” he said.

“I became pretty close to those Premier League boys because my dad was their coach so I would tag along.

“They were a great bunch of blokes who accepted me from the start for who I am and I made quite a few mates from that club.”

When he’s not out on the court leading from the front, he also spends time fine-tuning his ability as a carpenter, working for Willing and Able in the woodwork section.

“I started with them in 2007, but there is no hidden talent; I’m just motivated to work for my money,” he said.

“I really enjoy where I work because it gives something to focus on plus I like learning new skills and challenging myself. 

“Mainly I just enjoy catching up with team mates and having fun.”

Tyson is counting down the days until not only can he return to the court and play, but also drop in to Settlers Inn for a schnitzel.

“I miss playing futsal, going out with friends and watching sports, but hopefully it isn’t for too much longer,” he said.

Settlers Inn is a proud sponsor of the Port Macquarie All Abilities Futsal Team