Barnes back as president as Vikings prepare to set sail in 25th year

David Barnes just can’t stay away from Hastings Valley Vikings.

He’s back for a second stint as club president in 2020, having been in charge for two seasons in 2014 and 2015.

As much as he tried to stay away in the years that followed, there was always a void that couldn’t be filled.

“I’ve tried to do other things, but I couldn’t find anything else to do other than be involved or play; I just love the club.” he said.

While Barnes enjoyed his president’s role the first time around, it came at a cost to his young family.

Now the kids are a bit older, the time was right to step back into the boots he became comfortable in.

“My kids missed out a little bit when they were at the age where they had things going on at school because being president took a fair bit of my time up,” he said.

“That’s why I stopped doing it, but then being back playing and being around the club, I wanted to keep it going strong.” A few weeks ago it looked as though the Vikings 25th anniversary celebrations were going to have to be pushed back at least 12 months.

Now it appears there will be a Mid North Coast rugby competition – albeit a shortened one with a July 18 start date pencilled in.

Barnes admits while the club’s 25th anniversary year will be remembered for a variety of reasons, it wasn’t the milestone that inspired him to throw his hat back in the ring.

“Someone said that to me and I said I would have been president if it was the second year or the 19th year,” he said. “It was more that I wanted to still be involved with the club because I enjoyed being president in the years that I was.”

Barnes has always been in awe of the amount of hard work that went on behind the scenes that reaped the rewards on the field.

“A few years into being a player I got involved in the committee side of things,” he said.

“As a committee member - as well as a president - you can have more of a say in how the club’s going to run.

“It’s important for the club to keep going forward rather than getting stale or going backwards.”

He’s not interested in making waves.

Instead, he wants everyone pulling in the same direction and is thankful to have a number of people who can help make that happen.

“I’ve got more people on the committee this season than ever before.” Barnes said.

“So that’s a good thing because it’s easier to get things done when there are more people chipping in.”

Settlers Inn are proud to sponsor the Hastings Valley Vikings

Settlers Inn is a proud sponsor of the Hastings Valley Vikings